Who Are We?

Greg Tisdale Jr. MSN, FNP-C

CEO & Owner/Provider

Greg’s dream of reaching the unreachable became a reality over two years ago. And today, On-Site Health has grown quickly because there is such a great need in our state for home-based primary care. With backgrounds in oncology, and hospice, he has always had a heart for those that may need a little extra time and compassion at the bedside.  When asked about working as an in-home provider, he said, “I have seen first-hand that everyone does not have the same access to quality and compassionate healthcare services. These experiences are what led me to seek out more information and eventually led me to start a house-call practice. I want to make a difference in this world, and I want to make it right here where I live..”

Erika Redd MSN, AGNP-C


Erika brightens the room when she walks in. She has such a welcoming personality that helps everyone feel at ease and comfortable. Within minutes, you start to feel like you’ve known her forever! Our patients feel the same way as she gives them focused and compassionate care. When asked what she likes about working at On-Site Health, she said, “I like working with a team of nurses and a nurse practitioner who are just good people and are truly here to the meet the patients’ needs wherever they are.”

Ami Davis BSN, RN

Registered Nurse

With a background in hospice, Ami shows such empathy and compassion to our patients, and our patients love how she cares so intentionally for them. She has an extreme awareness in each situation and a keen sense of anticipating what our patients may need. She joined our practice and has been such a blessing to this team. When asked what she likes about working with On-Site Health, she said, “I love how we are such a close work family that brings healthcare to so many who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get it.” 

Rebecca Latham ADN, RN

Registered Nurse

Rebecca brings smiles and laughs to everything she does. Her kindness and compassion help to ease most situations, and our patients fall in love with her contagious joy quickly. She has been a part of OSH since the early stages of the practice, and we are so very thankful to all that she adds to our team! When asked about working at On-Site Health, she said, “I never dreamed I would be working in homes as a nurse, but God brought me exactly where I needed to be and has blessed me so much through this work!

Nan Lamonte LPN

Administrative Assistant

Nan brings such a warmth to the office. Her background in hospice has paved a path for compassion, and our patients love talking to her. In fact, we have several patients who call her regularly just to let her know how things are doing! When asked about what she enjoys about being at On-Site Health, Nan said, “I am so blessed to work with a team of compassionate nurse practitioners and nurses that care so much about their patients. So proud to be a part of this team at On-Site Health!” 

Jenny Tisdale, MBA, BSN, RN-C

Chief Operations Officer

Jenny is typically hanging in the background of all that On-Site Health is doing. She is also a pediatric RN care coordinator with the Center for Children with Medical Complexity at Children's of Mississippi. She is an RN and has completed an MBA in Healthcare Management, and she has been able to put both degrees to good use, When asked about being a part of On-Site Health, she said, "Everyday I get the opportunity to see and hear miracles happening in the lives of those touched by On-Site Health. There is nothing else like it, and I am excited about where God is taking it!"